Heroes of Cahervaniel

Secret doors and iron skulls

Where the group explores more, and finds another button.

Eleint 1

After more resting and much eating of roasted raptor meat, the group set off to explore more. They headed south from where they fought the yellow-skinned creature, finding a long hallway that stretched east and west. Directly across from them was a large urn in an alcove. In old runes beneath the sealed lid was the word "Guardians". They felt discretion was the better idea and left the urn alone, heading west. At the end of the hall was a small room with another iron door in the wall. Above it were three iron skulls, the rightmost one having glowing blue eyes. The middle skull sported a button below it. Again, the button was pushed. This time, the eyesockets of the middle skull began glowing along with the rightmost.

Not able to open the door, the group headed east. They found another urn with the same runes, but left it alone. At the end of the hall, they found a locked door. The druid warned the others that he sensed poison on the door and Abner posited that it was likely a poisoned needle in the lock. After a lengthy discussion, they left it alone and headed north. There, they found themselves in a room with four halls leading away. Two held secret doors the group had gone through before, so they headed north.

The north held a room with many pillars holding up the ceiling. The entire room was coated in greasy soot, and most of the pillars were cracked and melting. Along the far wall was a petrified skeleton, that had scratched something into the wall as it died. Abner brought out the harp, as it began to play when they approached the body. She was able to force the corpse to talk, and they found it was one named Pyorrhoea. They learned that it carved something called The Nightstone, and was then killed by a summoned demon. The Nightstone "came from the earth and must be returned to the earth" to stop it. It begged for release, and the group allowed it to return to its' rest. They continued north.

There, a small flight of stairs led up to a strobe-lit area. At the top stood a familiar figure, the unicorn/centaur they fought earlier. The group retreated rather than face the beast again. Heading back south, they turned east. There, a secret door opened into a jail-like area where the group fought the frog-like raptors. Two doors led off and both contained nests where they presumed the small raptors that attacked them lived. They searched the nests, finding many old coins and a few potions.

Seeing no other options, the group headed south to the poisoned door. After both Abner and Barrett attempted to pick the lock and failed, Berek used a power from his god to increase his strength and ripped the door open. Within, they found an old laboratory full of hundreds of bottles, beakers, jars, dishes and bowls. All contained ancient materials from liquids to powders to dust and herbs. Derwyndal guided them through, and they found a few labelled potions. Once again out of ways to explore, they decided to head back to the water-filled passages.



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