Heroes of Cahervaniel

Claws in the dark. Where's Vald?

The group pushes on, finding danger at every turn.

Highsun 26

After their rest, the Heroes were ready to continue. They debated retreating, but all knew that the only real path lay ahead. They opened the door to reveal a corridor of the blackest darkness leading down…

The reason for the darkness was soon revealed when Barrett got tangled in a sticky black web a short way down the corridor. The rest helped him escape the web, tearing it in the process. Derwyndal held the gap open so the rest could pass safely. They reached a large room at the end of the corridor and noticed three creatures fighting amongst themselves.

            Dark pebbly skin covered the bipedal creatures. They had powerful hind legs, smaller forelimbs and rows of teeth in their lizard-like heads. They hissed and charged at the group. They were more than a dozen feet away when one leapt the distance and landed on Karn, raking and slashing with claws and fangs. The group barely managed to kill one creature before fighting a losing retreat, dragging companions through the gap in the web. There, they were forced to rest again. About two days later, they attempted to go forward. Barrett, being the fastest, ran up to the room and led the creatures back into a hail of arrows. One went down, but the other retreated.

            They tried it again a few minutes later, but the crafty creature waited for Barrett just outside the corridor and attacked. In the resulting battle, there were more wounds, but the heroes were victorious.

The group searched the large room, found three exits and headed east. Karn of course, fell into another pit. This one was occupied – a glossy black unicorn was in the pit. There was a strange strobing light, and every time it flashed the unicorn seemed to change into a black-skinned centaur with the unicorn’s horn! Karn climbed out, but thought he heard “help me” whispered to him. The creature followed him out of the pit and despite his asking how they could help it, it charged. During the short battle that followed, it frightened the group badly by teleporting around the battlefield. When struck down, the thing disappeared in a cloud of greasy smoke. The group had the feeling that it wasn’t permanently beaten. They continued east, into a large dirt-floored room. Great piles of dirt had been heaped against the walls. Two glowing doors were in the south, but they headed to the door in the east wall.

            To their horror, undead things burst out of the dirt, attacking with long claws. They fought a hard fight, with half of their group being paralyzed by the filth in the creatures’ attacks. Tired and wounded, they pressed on. A few turns of corridor later, they found a small room filled with damaged (melted?) tools and a room beyond that practically smelled of evil. They decided not to enter and continued on, finding a room that could be locked from the inside and had been victim of a partial cave-in. They elected to rest a short while, finding when they looked around that Vald was missing. A blood trail down the corridor to the south was found and the group was in fast pursuit.

They came to an area that looked like an old prison area. The blood trail ended there, with four more of the lizard-things. These ones were a little smaller and had frog-like heads, but were just as deadly. So deadly, that the group was put down one at a time until just Abner was facing the last creature. A very much alive Vald arrived from behind and threw himself on the beast, scoring deep hits with his weapons. The creature died and Vald helped Abner drag the unconscious bodies of the others back to the lockable room. There, he explained that he was investigating the tool room (he doesn’t sleep much) and came back to find them gone. Abner rolled her eyes and they settled in to rest and recuperate.



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