Heroes of Cahervaniel

An eternity below the earth

Wherein the group discovers much, and rests more...

Highsun 28 

The group rested behind the locked doors for the next three days. During that time, Abner used her skills to work on determining some of the properties of the magic items found. They could have left the room wounded after two days, but decided to face the dangers at their strongest.

Opening the doors after their rest, they breathed in the sweetest stale ever. Determined, they decided to do more searching. Returning to the first room they found on this level, they headed west. After a couple turns, they discovered a large room half submerged in water. A door was visible across the water and a passage lead out to the north. To the east, they found a room with a crude statue that resembled the black unicorn they faced earlier. They set out through the water, heading for the closed door. Thankfully, the water rose no higher than their knees (almost to the dwarves' waists). Inside the room, they found only shattered tiles with strange runes on them and more water.

Leaving the room, they elected to head north, but were put off by the movements of creatures beneath the surface. Karn was bitten on the leg and the group was soon beset by short web-footed humanoids that leapt out of the water to attack them. A short but tough fight followed, with five of the slimy creatures falling to the blades of the heroes. A bit more searching showed them that the water soon became too deep, and they turned back.

At the central room, they elected to head south. After encountering another of the pits they came so used to finding (with Karn's help), they entered a room that baffled them. At the far end of the room, a line of white powder spanned the room. On the other side were dozens of small fleshly blobs that bounced up and down. Each had a human-sized mouth, complete with teeth, lips and they were babbling amongst themselves.

The group advanced, careful to avoid crossing the line. They could see that repeated contact from the little creatures had thinned the line in several spots. As Bennett moved along the wall, the creatures finally crossed the line. One spit at the heroes, causing a blazing flash of light, momentarily blinding them all. When their vision cleared, the saw ALL of the creatures spitting at them. The flashes and sizzling were overwhelming. When they dissipated, the creatures were nowhere to be found, until they emerged from the packs, robes and pockets of the adventurers.

Another short fight and the creatures were dead – although they inflicted many painful bites. Still determined, the group headed south. They found a large empty room with two other exits and headed west (after finding another pit). They headed along a long room fitted out with drying racks, a spit and pound after pound of meat from the large lizard creatures they fought days before. They headed west and found a small room with personal effects and a sleeping area. Abner spotted a strange looking being hiding in shadows and pointed it out. The being had yellow skin, green fungus-encrusted hair shaped into horns, and rows of sharp teeth. With unnatural speed, it ran from the room.

The group searched the room, finding a few valuables. Bennett and Derwyndal went to see how far the creature fled. Not seeing him, they turned to leave when it leapt out of the shadows and slipped a strong cord around the monks' neck. Derwyndal called for the others, and they immediately attacked the creature. It fought viciously, but was overcome by the sheer numbers against it. Barrett now sported a painful bruise across his throat and found breathing difficult for a while.

The group returned to the creature's abode and passed through into another chamber. There, they found a large iron portal on the wall. It had no visible hinges or handle, and sported three iron skulls above the door. Below the skull on the right was a small button. Ever ready to brave danger, Karn pushed the button. The lights of the rightmost skull it up blue, but no other effect was visible.



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