Heroes of Cahervaniel

Across the Skysea

Newly equipped and readied, the group set out with their newest companion, Eriodema. She seemed to happy being with the group, even if she was fairly quiet. After a short travel, the group came upon a local landmark – the Skysea. It looked as if the sky were duplicated in the land. A bit of searching discovered a buried metal structure. The group believed it to be a crashed ship, and with the help of Eriodema's wand, it was soon unburied.

The ship looked like a longboat with a pair of ice skates on the bottom, albeit diamond-edged. Getting in the ship gave some small relief from the waves of heat coming off the Skysea. When Abner moved the rudder, the ship began to move under its' own power. Travelling at a walking pace, the ship glided over the glassy surface. When the sun rose, the bronze sail boomed and the craft hurtled along. Several hours later, the Heroes had crossed the Skysea to what they believed to be their ultimate destination.

A black platform miles across with 6 groups of crystal pillars greeted them. After much experimentation, they eventually were able to make the pillars chime and a mighty fortress appeared in the sky above them. Over 6 miles across and 500ft above them, it dwarfed any structure they had seen. The centre of the platform rose into the sky with the Heroes aboard, although Barrett was nearly left behind.

Once in the fortress (a frightening ride for some), the Heroes found themselves on a platform at the edge of a jungle! Before long a group of people emerged, cheering and waving. A figure they paid deference to turned out to be a dark elf! He called himself Pawnis and invited them to the village for a feast and rest. At the village (with Berek and Eriodema scowling) the group was made comfortable. Dankhan did some exploring while Abner and Barrett swam in the lake with the local children. All the while, the villagers prepared what looked to be a huge feast.



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