Heroes of Cahervaniel

Exiting the Crypt of Badr-Al-Mosak

Back into the burning sun...

            After exiting the Crypt of Badr-Al-Mosak, your group travels across the burning sands of the desert with the princess. You feel the intense heat of the cruel sun above, but none of you are struck low by its’ fiery gaze.

            Several days of travel brings you to the City of Phoenix. This city is in ruins. Broken stones and bits of rubble lie throughout the area. In the center is a large statue of Set.

            A hush blankets the ruins that stretch all about you. Suddenly a warm wind rises. The clear sky is quickly choked with white and grey clouds, drawn from every direction. They clash and boil, becoming darker and more menacing as you watch. Lightning flashes and thunder rolls across the now darkened plain. Your hair begins to stand on end. With a blinding crash, a bolt of lightning slams into the statue, exploding it. The ground reels beneath you at the impact, and you tumble helplessly amid the fallen stone walls.

            Shaking your head to clear it, you see a cyclone of blue flame soaring into the sky. The whirlwind flame slows and forms itself into the likeness of a giant blue man! His powerful arms stretch slowly out as if to hold all the stars in the sky. His head falls back and his voice cries to the sky like thunder.

            “Praised be the Holy One that the time is finally at hand! Praised be Martek for his wisdom and insight into the future! The prophecy has been fulfilled by these mortals, so shall I now destroy the Evil One that is abroad in this land!”

The mighty Djinni bends over the party and smiles. “You, mortals, have released me according to prophecy given ages ago by the great sage Martek. I cannot go with you, for it is my quest to destroy the Evil Efreeti that must now be ravaging your land. Yet I will not leave you without aid. Take this gift from me in gratitude for your service.”

            Reaching into a pouch at his side, the grand Djinni pulls out a small blue bottle and casts it on the sand at your feet. Despite your protests, he rises swiftly from the earth into the clouds.

The Djinn Vizier Aeroldoth has come to save the desert people, just as Martek foretold. Magnificent in his power and strong of arm and mind, the great Djinni flies across the desert sands to join in battle with the Efreeti.

But the Efreeti is ready and waiting for Aeroldoth. Instead of the great Djinni conquering the Efreet prince, the two are now locked in a titanic struggle against one another. The Efreeti calls forth mighty firewinds to smith the Djinni, who calls down hails of ice to torment his foe.

            Neither of them suffers greatly, but the poor desert people living below them are blasted by firewinds and pummeled by terrible stones of ice. Rather than curing your wrong of releasing the Efreeti, you have, in honest faith, added greatly to the problems and suffering of all the desert people.

But the legend of Martek speaks further. It tells of the three Star Gems and Martek’s hidden tomb. With the Star Gems, Martek’s Sphere of Power can be released from his tomb. The Sphere is the only known way to save the desert people from total destruction.

You and your comrades have fought your way across the burning desert sands. Your adventures in the vast reaches of the desert have netted you many prizes, among them the three Star Gems. It seems that you are fated to save the desert people and fulfill Martek’s ancient legend.

To that end, you find yourselves once again ready to travel through the desert. You travelled once again to the Oasis of the White Palm. There, you met with the sheik and returned the princess to be wed to his son. After teh ceremony, you met at Happy Hogan's. After a couple drink, Samesh stated his intention to remain in the Oasis. The events of the last two weeks have rattled him to the bone. Tears flowing down his face, he thanked you all for the comaradrie and for the sacrifices made to bring him back to life. He set the Star Gem he carried on the table, finished his drink and walked out. Stunned, you wondered aloud what to do next. As if on cue, Hogan approached the table. For the first time since you met him, he had no smile on his face. He told you that a stranger appeared out of the earth last night. She had the look of one who has travelled far and seen much. She asked for the Heroes seeking to free the people by venturing underground. He brought her forward.

She approached your table. A human woman of above average height and weight, she introduced herelf as Eriodema of Ibrandul. With no trace of embarassment, she announced that her god had given her a vision. She has been tasked with assisting the heroes that dare to venture beneath the desert sands when nobody else will. Without being invited, she sat down in Samesh's seat. The look of absolute conviction on her face was both encouraging and unsettling. She smiled and folded her arms across the chest of her dark purple clothes.

The next night, you gathered your gear and prepared to continue your journey into the desert. You have been pointed towards the north, where Martek’s fabled tomb is said to be. Somewhere across the sands lies the object of your quest.



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